iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors For Shielding Your Display

Mobile phone screens and touch pads are very sensitive and can often get damaged due to different reasons. If you own the newly launched iphone 7 plus mobile phone then you probably have gone through a lot of mini heart attacks every time you dropped your mobile phone. If that has happened with you then this blog is completely for you.

Moshifall Airfall Glass

The most striking feature of the Moshi’s airfall glass protector is that it eliminates bubbles completely, thereby making the processes of application much easier. The airfall protector comes with a specialized adhesive layer. Another important feature of the same is the elimination of fingerprints and smudges that usually blur the vision.

TechMatte AmFilm Tempered Glass

This particular type of screen protectors aren’t meant to completely cover your mobile screen but provides you with a decent amount of space for adjustments. If you are looking for an edge to edge coverage of your mobile phone, then amFilm might not be a very great idea for you. Over everything else, this screen protector covers and protects the touchscreen in a good way.

Tech Armor Ballistic

Much like the TechMatte amFilm screen protector, this particular screen protector too doesn’t provide complete coverage and therefore, this too will be a bit of disappointment for the ones that are looking for complete coverage. But, the 5.5 inch screen that it protects is undoubtedly completely protected. The best feature of the mobile screen protector is that it is made up of a Japanese glass named Asahi glass which is known for not shattering down that easily.

iCarez True Glass Pro

Icarez true glass pro screen protectors are ideal for maintaining the touchscreen capabilities of the mobile phones. It also retains the HD quality of the screen and comes with cut outs that make it easy to access the home screen. Another quality of this screen protector is that it is completely smudge proof as well as scratch resistant.

Otterbox Alpha Glass

To be honest, this one screen protector is theBest iPhone 7 Screen ProtectorApart from the screen protectors, the manufacturers of the otterbox are also well known for the commendable mobile cases that they produce. The alpha glass might seem a bit expensive as compared to other mobile phone screen protectors but once you start using it you will realize that the reason for hike in the price is the quality that it carries.

Skinomi MatteSkin

This iPhone screen protector is a must buy if you use your mobile phone much in the outdoor areas as compared to the indoor places. The most striking feature of this particular screen protector is that it comes with all the anti-glare properties. Unlike, most other mobile screen covers, this one protects the entire screen completely.

These are just a few of the plentiful options that you can get in the market both online as well as offline. These are some of the finest screen protectors for iPhone 7 plus available, choosing any one of these will be the best choice if you already are looking for the best iPhone 7 plus screen protectors.


Top 10 Advantages Of Online Mobile Phone Recharge

Technology is advancing day by day and there are numerous changes that you would love to experience. One such experience would be that of online recharge service. The telecom industry is rapidly growing and that too at a great speed. This industry consists of operators like Vodafone, Airtel, Docomo, Idea, BSNL and many more such operators. Through all these you can easily recharge your both prepaid and post connections. The online recharging has got many advantages as compared to the other form of recharge.

Some advantages of online mobile phone recharge:

  • It saves lots of time as we do not need to go to the shop for recharging
  • It is far more convenient and easy to do online mobile phone recharge
  • It is a simple and one touch process to get your phone recharged
  • If you have the connection of internet, you can easily recharge anytime and anywhere
  • It could be easily done without even disturbing your ongoing work
  • It hardly takes few minutes to recharge your phone

Be it prepaid mobile recharge or post paid mobile recharge, online recharging facility has made our life much easier. You can recharge you phone at any time of the day without worrying about the time and the place you are in. With this facility you can easily recharge your phone with no wastage of time. The entire process involves only less than 5 minutes.

Online recharge service are much beneficial for those who often go for meetings and outstation for the official purpose. They hardly have time to go to the recharging shop; they could easily do it through their phone or any online recharging site. You could also avail many offers and discounts when you recharge your phone through online recharge India.

There are numerous online recharge providers like Paytm, Freecharge and many more. They usually come up with exciting offers for their customers. Though it you could also get cash back at times. One more, most unique advantage is that you could recharge your phone from any part of the globe. Mobile phone recharge is not a matter of worrying these days. The online mobile operators are not just limited to mobile phone recharging; they also provide data cards, recharge for DTH and many more. The mode of payment is also quite reliable you do not need to pay through cash, you could directly do it through your card and the amount will be deducted from your account.

Online recharge portals is gradually growing and everybody prefers it over going to the shop for recharging your phone. They do not charge anything extra for their services. Even if you’re a new user of online recharge portals then also you do not need to worry at all, it includes very simple steps for the same.