How to Sell Your Ringtones On iTunes (and Collect Royalties)

Ringtones can help you earn money. It is very easy to learn the process to make ringtones. Several online services allow you to upload your ringtones to streaming services and earn money. Anyone can use either their music or modify a few popular songs to create a ringtone.

In this article, we will tell you easy ways to create a ringtone.

What Is A Ringtone?

A ringtone is a piece of audio. It can be your music recordings or a part of any famous song. The ideal duration of a ringtone is below thirty seconds.

What do you need to create a ringtone?

It is simple to create a ringtone. All you need is software that can transform any music into ringtones. This software allows users to transform any part of the audio to form ringtones and sell them via the online store of Apple Music. MusicDigi is popular software that helps artists create and sell ringtones and collect payments and royalties. By using captivating clips, you can make a profit.

One thing is important for users to know that they should not violate the law. They should understand and abide by laws when they are selling a ringtone made from the music of a popular artist. In other words, you should take their approval before trying to sell a ringtone. It requires taking to the firm or the creator and get the consent to prevent any violation of the copyright rule.

Where can you sell your ringtones?

Artists can upload music to iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, etc. MusicDigi is a platform that helps musicians put their musical creations into online stores and streaming services. By using this software, they can make money easily.

Why should you choose MusicDigi?

MusicDigi is a simple online service or a facility designed to assist musicians to bring their musical creation on various digital streaming channels. These include Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, TIDAL, and a handful of other major streaming services spread throughout the world.

This service is beneficial for all those people who are fond of music and want to make money out of their talent. It is a great way to use your music to prepare ringtones and sell them to people globally. Using this platform, you can sell any kind of digital goods including ringtones and songs.

Here are some of the features explained below:

  • MusicDigi is a trusted service that is designed with an intent to facilitate artists to showcase their music into digital music stores and online streaming services.
  • The service lets you make money when any person either downloads or buys your music content. They collect payment and royalties from people who use the content and provide earnings to artists.
  • It is the best service for aspiring music artists who are looking to get immense publicity.
  • The service charges a nominal fee to users to provide them a wide range of benefits.


Ringtones have an enormous ability to attract people from all parts of the world. You can capitalize on their potential by sharing them with millions of phones worldwide. It is a great way to make income. With simple software, you can create and sell ringtones and create a profitable business.