Fresh and Inspiring Chandelier Decorating Tips

The purchase of home lighting can be extremely tricky even for interior decorators. The available options are overwhelming and the fixture you choose needs to match the space theme. Below are some guidelines associated with choosing a chandelier for installation.

Inspirational and fresh chandelier decorating tips

Browse online lighting websites

There are limitless lighting options on You can start considering the room design where the chandelier will be hung.

  • Is space traditional marked with mid-century accents?
  • Does your home give the feel of a farmhouse?

Such questions will help you determine the chandelier style that will flawlessly blend with the interiors. Gain chandelier knowledge reading blogs or interior designing articles.

Choose correct chandelier size

Over large chandelier can make space feel overwhelmed, while an extremely small unit will give an underwhelming feel. Proportion is essential while choosing a size. Add the room dimension in feet and convert it into inches. This will be the ideal diameter of a chandelier. There are online calculators available to determine the correct chandelier size.

Choose complementary material and color

Consider the materials and hues that highlight the room.

  • Are the dark or warm woods widespread in the room?
  • Do you prefer a neutral palette or like bright colors?
  • Are there multiple metal elements in the room?

You will need to consider these things while looking for metal, crystal, beaded, or wooden chandeliers.

No need to choose to crystal chandelier

The crystal chandelier is adored, but you can look for modern artwork. The chandelier sector has evolved and gone far beyond the crystal detailing. Non-crystal chandeliers are dramatic. Stained glass, bubble-like bulbs, etc. are seen today.

If you want a natural material then there are seashells, rope, bead, and reclaimed wood chandeliers to choose from. For a minimalist look check for chandeliers with small notable details like the geometric design or matte metal finishes.

Hang chandelier correctly

Some guidelines to follow are –

  • To hang chandelier above the dining table, it should be hung 30” – 36” above the tabletop. The higher the ceiling the taller the fixture. You can extend or shorten the chains if necessary.
  • For entrance, the chandelier should have a clearance of 7 feet from the flooring.

Position your chandelier uniquely

A common placement choice is in the center of the room or the dining table. If you desire an unconventional décor then hang it a little off-center – an unexpected styling! Chandeliers look cool in the entryways, dining rooms, living rooms, and master bedrooms. It will look unique when hung in a non-traditional location.

You can have one in the powder room or a laundry room or the kitchen. Space may need a little extra illumination and a chandelier can do wonders. You can choose playful chandeliers for your kid’s bedroom. Be creative in where to hand your chandeliers.

Chandeliers are attention-grabbing, so make sure to forego large furniture or other décor items. Bring in items that reflect the same material. If the chandelier is made of brass, then add decorative items, picture frames, or candlestick made from brass. Ensure that your ornate chandelier gets the limelight. Allow it to illuminate!